1. heyluchie:

    My diploma comic is finally DONE. I really hope you’ll like it. The theme this year was “Disappearance”. 

    edit: I forgot to translate “jeudi” by “thursday”, I’ll be fixing it soon!

    See you soon !

    PS: click here to go the the main page and read it BIG. (it’s better)

  2. A Cat in Paris

    ~ screenshots pt2

  3. A Cat In Paris 

    ~ screenshots pt1


  4. My new sounds:

  5. Submarine

    Such a beautiful movie. I feel like so drifting right now.


  6. dmitrivitch said: Your Adventure Time piece "Very Distant Woods" is great. I love it so much.

    I reblogged the piece from bennettslater tumblr. He’s an amazing oil painting artist, so you should drop by and send him this compliment, not me ^_^

    Anw, have a nice day my friend from a distant land. 


  7. An amazing and AWESOME artwork by bennettslater

    "Very Distant Lands"
    oil on wood

    Here’s my piece for Cartoon Network and Gallery 1988: LA's “Adventure Time Show”.

    In preparation for this one, I rewatched all 150 existing episodes and took note of every object involved in the story. I fit as many as I could into this, but needless to say, the cutting room floor is insan

  8. "Duet for Violin and Cello in the Key of Awesome"

    by jasinskiart


  9. Definitely a turning point in the story. And it’s great to see so much of reference from the book sprinkling all over this episode.

    Saying goodbye to Beverly Katz

  10. Brilliant fanart.

    I wish I knew the artist who did this.  

    (Source: joan-adler, via nbchannibal)

  11. trublueart:

    Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

    I imagine this only could happen on a night where Will didn’t have sweaty, fevered nightmares or sleepwalked.  I was seriously dying from the cute while drawing this.

    Cuteness overload. Have to reblog so I can have the bigger version on my page.

    (via nbchannibal)

  12. This is why I always close the toilet lid =,= 

    by heyluchie

  13. Simon & The King

    Source [from the top]

    1. LuchoVolke

    2. raindante

    3. sillystell 

    [The rest is from screenshots.]

    Check out those amazing artists I mentioned above for more awesome artwork! 



  14. Simon & Betty 

  15. Marcy & Bonnie Collection


    Some pics I collect from these awesome art blogs [from the top pic]

    1. heyluchie

    2. rorart

    3. majigoma

    4. Natasha Allegri

    5. zerochan

    6. Hannah K. Draws

    Make sure to check them out ^_^